Reasons to Wear a Pantyliner

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We all know what menstrual pads are used for – periods, but pantyliners are some of the more mysterious products that many women out there are not sure of when and why to use. Pantyliners are a handy tool to save your underwear from vaginal discharge. They are nothing but a smaller version of a sanitary pad, a thin and absorbent piece that can be worn when required – the uses are a plenty. Read on to know more about panty liner uses and why do women wear panty liners.

Absorbs vaginal discharge

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The white sticky discharge that women experience sometimes is a normal part of the body that indicates a healthy vagina. A pantyliner is an escape from this vaginal discharge that helps keep you dry and comfortable all day long. You may choose to wear it especially on the days of ovulation when there is excess discharge and the wet knickers give you the most uncomfortable feeling.

Feel fresh all day

Feel fresh all day

Pantyliners aid in retaining moisture in your vaginal area, keeping you fresh all day long. The breathable liners ensure a comfortable feeling. During workouts or after sports, you tend to sweat profusely; pantyliners can save you from the discomfort of the wetness by absorbing the excess sweat and discharge.

Prevent period spotting

This is one of the next best uses of a pantyliner – either when you are not expecting your period or on the last day when your bleeding is more of spotting. These are the days when you do not really need a full-fledged sanitary pad. Being much more flexible and comfortable, pantyliners help in saving your underwear or your favourite jeans from staining. Keep a few Whisper pantyliners in your bag that allows you to remain carefree wherever you go.

Maintains hygiene

Maintains hygiene

Vaginal hygiene is extremely important, and a lack of it gives rise to infections and other serious problems. Excessive sweating, vaginal discharge or use of public washrooms may lead to a lack of hygiene. Whisper pantyliners reduce the chances of an infection, ensuring a fresh clean feeling throughout.

Absorbs post-partum flow

Pantyliners come as saviours to all the new moms as well. Light post-partum flow is common for a few weeks after delivery and panty liners can help manage this, offering a clean and dry feeling.

While there are many benefits of a pantyliners, it is advisable to not wear these for more than a day as longer-than-advised use of these may irritate the skin, leading to vaginal infections and rashes.