Whisper Panty Liners

Period or otherwise, Whisper believes that every woman deserves the best of comfort and protection, at all times. Which is why Whisper panty liners are made for everyday comfort and relief. Their fast-absorption core makes them ideal to wear, when you are experiencing vaginal discharge or just prefer to stay clean and discrete. Dermatologically tested and safe, Whisper Panty Liners keep you feeling great no matter what day of the month.

Explore our range of breathable Panty liners that are perfect for daily hygiene.

Whisper Daily Liners

With Whisper daily liners, you stay fresh no matter what the day brings, thanks to their breathable design and Odour Neutralising Technology. They help you stay fresh all day long on your regular days, protecting you against vaginal discharge or on the days before your period when you are unsure about when it will start. These panty liners not only provide reliable protection against wetness but also have a floral scent for confidence that lasts all day.