PMS Symptoms Before Your Period?

PMS Symptoms Before Your Period?

Oh, those cramps and mood swings and cravings – we know it all! Most girls go through these that are an indication of the period being is on its way. This is your premenstrual syndrome - aka PMS symptoms. Just your body’s way of alerting you for the approaching period!

What causes premenstrual symptoms?

What causes premenstrual symptoms

The varied PMS symptoms are caused by the changing hormone levels in your body leading up to and during menstruation. The hormone called prostaglandins causes your uterus to contract in order to shed its lining, which makes you feel crampy, a common premenstrual symptom.

When can you see the PMS symptoms?

Are you every month experiencing severe cramps and particularly high-strung emotions? If yes, you will have noticed that soon after this you start your period. PMS symptoms tend to start a week or two before you get your period.

What are the signs and symptoms of PMS?

Now, this part will tell you about the most common PMS symptoms to look out for. Not all women will experience all these premenstrual symptoms, so there is no need to fret if you are the only one in your circle to be going through a particular symptom.


PMS Symptoms Before Your Period?

Your skin is very sensitive to your body’s hormonal changes. Rising hormonal levels trigger oil production which clog your pores causing pimples.Wash your face with a gentle cleanser to reduce oily skin that may help alleviate some of the blemishes appearing on your face.


Cramps are one of the most common PMS symptoms. This pain in your lower abdomen may make you feel like wanting to bury yourself but don’t worry, this too shall pass. Cramps usually show up right before your period and last for 2-3 days during your period. Try using a hot water bottle to ease the discomfort.


PMS Symptoms Before Your Period?

Blame these on the changing estrogen levels. If you’re prone to migraines, you’ll probably see yourself squeezing your head most of the time before your period. You may opt for an over-the-counter pill to treat this premenstrual symptom.

Lower backaches

PMS Symptoms Before Your Period?

This being one of the other common PMS symptoms, most women experience lower backache and no cramps in the abdomen. Changes in chemicals called prostaglandins that line the uterus cause contractions, triggering pain in your back and thighs.


If you feel bloated, you can be pretty sure that your period is around the corner.Water retention is a major complaint, which is also hormonal. But relax, it is normal and will go away in a few days. Drink lots of water and reduce salt intake as a quick tip.

Mood changes

Now this one is an undeniable PMS symptom, and it’s not just you who endures it but at times, people around you are be a victim to the sudden mood swings, crying spells, and irritation.You may feel extra sensitive before your period arrives, seeming like your emotions are going haywire. Before getting alarmed, check the calendar. You sure are closer to your date. Calm down and do not get too flustered by how you’re feeling.

Vaginal discharge

Vaginal discharge tends to change in colour right before you get your period. It may become white. This is one of the PMS symptoms.

Breast tenderness

Painful breasts before period is another PMS symptom many women experience.Breasts tend to feel tender or swollen right after ovulation until a few days after period bleeding starts. There is nothing to fear, it’s only normal.

There is nothing universal about PMS symptoms. Watch closely how you feel, and these will be your very own, personal set of premenstrual symptoms. Every girl has her own unique mix and match of PMS symptoms. Some may feel few, all, or even none (lucky girl!) of the premenstrual symptoms mentioned above. Is there something you feel every month that’s not on our list? If there’s something you feel that’s not mentioned, no worries because that’s your body alerting you about your period.

Whether it is period mood swings (like most call it!) or cramping up, PMS symptoms are helpful as you’re then not thrown off guard. This way you can manage your period symptoms by being prepared ahead of time. So, keep a watch, and slow down before snapping at a friend or stomping out in irritation. It’s a part of life, just breathe!

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