At What Age do Girls Get Their Period?

At What Age Do Girls Get Their Period?

Are you equally anxious like many others, and want to know when will you get your period? Well, first thing’s first! There is no specific answer to ‘at what age do periods begin?Starting your period, or the menarche age, as it is also known as, indicates a big change, an important milestone, and an entry into adulthood. Now, there is no ‘right’ age to get your period. Generally, girls period age ranges anywhere between 12-16 years, but some may start as early as 9 years of age as well, which is completely normal. You can get some cues based on when your mum or sister got their first period.Your period start age could be earlier or later than your friends, so never generalize but do see a doctor if you haven’t got your period by the age of 16.

What are the signs my period is coming

What are the signs my period is coming?

There are a number of signs that will tell you that your period is on its way. You will see plenty of changes in your body during the menarche age. Entering puberty provides a clue that your period might just be around the corner. Most noticeable changes include the breasts growing, followed by a spurt of hair growth in your pubic area, and a slight vaginal discharge (a clear or milky liquid on your underwear). At this time, you will also observe a distinct growth in your height and weight. This is followed by growth in armpit hair which means you’re getting closer to your period age. After about a year or two from here will the girls’ period age begin. But keep in mind that these are estimates, and there is nothing to worry about if you begin sooner or later.

The signs your period is coming are as follows:

Budding of breasts

You will notice small bumps around the nipple and the darker area gets bigger and starts to puff out. These may feel like little lumps on your chest, hence called breast buds. Most girls’ first period starts 2-3 years after their breasts start growing.

Pubic Hair

After breast budding, you may notice the growth of pubic hair, which with time will get thicker and curlier.It will take an average of 2-4 years from this point to the girls’ period age.

Body Shape

Your body will quickly start changing, with the biggest spurt happening six months to a year before your period starting age.So, if you have grown a lot last year and suddenly the growth has slowed down, it is a sign that you may soon get your first period. This may coincide with your breast budding.

Vaginal Discharge

In a while, after your breasts start to grow, you will notice a white fluid from your vagina; yes, it feels a bit wet and weird. This white discharge changes day-to-day as girls edge closer to their period age. Even if you haven’t started your first period, this marks the beginning of the menstrual cycle.

How can I prepare for my period

How can I prepare for my period?

While there’s no accurate way of predicting the exact day that you’ll be starting your period, it doesn’t mean you can’t do much beforehand. By now you have a fair idea as to when you can expect your first period (a broad timeline) based on the changes that girls’ period age (puberty) brings with it. The next thing you must do is be prepared! One of the best ways is to keep a few sanitary pads in your bag, so you do not run around looking for one when the day finally arrives. Whisper Ultra Clean pads are great because they offer up to 100% leakage protection and their germ lock technology locks wetness, odour & germs or the Whisper Bindazz Nights pads with a 40% longer length and a wider back will ensure you have 0% leaks when you’re sleeping at night. With the many menstrual products available in the market, you have a wide choice to choose from. Do talk to your mum or a trusted adult for an option that would best suit your first time period need.

There is nothing to worry about the onset of menstruation, a significant landmark in your life. There is every reason to embrace this natural event with confidence and enjoy entering an adult life.