Our Safety Promise

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When it comes to period protection for India’s women and girls, hygiene cannot be compromised. Especially during the ongoing pandemic, preventing the risk of contamination is now more critical than ever. Access to safe menstrual products is the right of every woman & girl. It gives them greater control over their health, making them unstoppable to follow their dreams.

Thus, providing good quality menstrual hygiene starts right from when a sanitary pad is made. If the sanitary pads are manufactured with inadequate quality standards or frequently touched by bare hands, particularly while packing, they can do more harm than good. To deliver safe sanitary pads that are to be used by a woman – the key is to ensure that these have been made in superior safety and hygiene conditions.

Over the last 30+ years, Whisper has become a trusted name to manage periods with safety and comfort, and most importantly – with wholesome hygienic protection.

“With stringent manufacturing quality standards in place, Whisper is considered to be a benchmark in commitment to providing best-in-class hygiene.”

Our automated plants are continuously implementing measures to reduce touch to only what’s necessary. For supervision, there are advanced inspection systems embedded in the manufacturing lines to check each of them and ensure the highest hygiene standards.

“Continuous automation and supervision that makes certain that there is no compromise on safety”

By driving cutting-edge innovation, the people behind Whisper are continuously stepping up to provide best-in-class hygiene. Monalisa Mandal, who has been working with the organization for 12 years is driven by the purpose of uplifting Indian women. She has led initiatives to spearhead ‘no-touch’ manufacturing transformation.

“When I started working at the Whisper manufacturing plant in Goa, I was awestruck to see the hygiene standards that are followed. To step it up further, my team and I have worked on the development of automated packaging lines. Our goal is to prevent the risk of contamination that could happen if the pads are touched or packed by hand. The overall cleanliness measures at our plant are top-notch, equipping us to deliver on the promise of quality and hygiene assurance. We can’t even enter certain sections of the plant without wearing gloves, face masks, overcoats and head caps, as needed.”

“We implement rigorous testing in the plant, where even the slightest of deviation from the hygiene standards could get the product rejected. I had been an ardent user of Whisper even before joining the team, and trusted their commitment to make hygienic sanitary pads. As a woman, today I can even more confidently say that Whisper ensures hygienic period protection that improves the lives of women and girls. Their safety is at the heart of what we do.”

The solutions designed to maintain the hygiene levels of sanitary pads truly reflect the vision to achieve 100% menstrual hygiene in India. Many hygiene heroes like Monalisa and Vineetha are ensuring safe and hygienic period protection for women and girls of India, every time they choose Whisper. These sanitary pads are made in the country with international safety standards, and with this deep commitment to hygiene, the promise of menstrual safety makes way into Indian households.