Why do I Have Smelly Discharge?

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Most experts attest to four attributes to describe a healthy vaginal discharge: smell, texture, colour, and volume. However, rather than being a bad-smelling discharge, you will find the normal scent is slightly musky, which can increase after a workout. Alternatively, in the days around your period, you might find that your discharge has an almost metallic smell, as a small amount of blood may be mixed in with it. Wearing tight clothing along with silky underwear especially in humid climates can be a cause for a smelly vagina. Besides other factors like hormonal changes, sexual practices, and medications can also impact the vaginal odour.

Did you know that there could be at least 7 different types of vaginal odours? Right from tangy, coppery, molasses, chemically like ammonia, to skunky, fishy, and rotten. The last three result in a smelly vagina and tell you that something is definitely wrong.

Reasons for smelly vaginal discharge

Every woman has her own unique vaginal odour, but be aware that normal discharge does not have a foul-smelling odour. Only when the good bacteria are out of balance it tends to develop smelly vaginal discharge, and we should realize that it could be an infection. This is when you need to head over to your doctor.

Many products can be bought off the shelf to hide these odours. However, before you head over to buy them, weigh the pros and cons. These sometimes can cause more problems, than benefits. But knowing a bit more about the vaginal odour before you drain your pocket will prove useful. Take a look at the potential causes and what can be done to prevent you from experiencing that smelly vagina.

• Prolonged use of sanitary pads/panty liners

Leaving a sanitary pad or a panty liner on for too long can lead to a very rotten smell and can cause infection too. Panty liners can stay on for longer but not longer than 6-8 hours. Whisper Daily Liners come with a breathable design and an odour neutralizing technology that leaves you feeling fresh and confident throughout the day.

• Scented products

Using scented products around the vagina can mix with the normal vaginal odour and lead to infections. Avoid scented sanitary pads during the menstrual cycle that may result in releasing a completely different and unfamiliar odour.

• Strenuous exercises

Often after a strenuous workout at the gym, some women can give off a different than normal discharge odour. This is perfectly normal due to moisture being released from sweat glands in the area.

• Sex

It is very normal for a different odour to emit from the vaginal area after sex, especially when the semen and vaginal discharge mix along with the sweat.

• During periods

Blood usually has an elevated pH level, so when menstruating the vaginal odour can be stronger. It usually disappears once your menstrual cycle is done.

Tips to maintain the normal vaginal odour

Tips to maintain the normal vaginal odour

Although there is little you can do about the natural vaginal odour, there are few ways in which you can prevent a smelly vagina. Your basic hygiene will go a long way in combating smelly vaginal discharge.

  • Maintaining good hygiene

When cleaning, remember to always wipe from front to back. Take a shower immediately after exercising or after having sex, frequently change sanitary pads and panty liners. Wash using intimate hygiene products instead of strongly scented soaps.

  • Avoid wearing tight-fitting clothes

If you are prone to smelly vaginal discharge because of sweat, especially in a humid climate, it is best to wear cotton underwear and slightly loose clothes. If your menstruation is on the heavier side, it is best to avoid tight-fitting jeans.

  • Hydrate

Drink a lot of water, especially coconut water. As long as the vagina is clean and moist with the good bacteria, it will stay protected and healthy, and thereby preventing a smelly vagina.

Diet is also an important factor that affects the smell of your discharge, and foods with more garlic and onion can cause a hint of the foul smelling vagina. It’s also believed that citrus fruits can apparently give you a sweeter hint. As long as the vaginal odour has a normal smell and doesn’t smell fishy or rotten, you are good to go. Don’t try to smell like a rose garden down there, as it’s not normal. Steer clear from spraying any deodorants as this could lead to more bacterial problems and a smelly vaginal discharge.