Is it Possible to Reduce or Stop Vaginal Discharge?

Is it Possible to Reduce or Stop Vaginal Discharge

Ah that wetness in your underwear, is it? It is the vaginal discharge, a bodily process that is perfectly normal for every woman once she attains puberty. When frustrated with this wet feeling, there is one question most women may have – how to stop white discharge or even how to reduce it.

What is vaginal discharge?

What is vaginal discharge

Let’s try and figure out why does your body make you go through this as if your periods were not enough. But there’s always a reason, isn’t it? There are certain glands that sit inside your vagina and cervix that make small amounts of fluid. Each day this fluid flows out of the vagina. And as it flows out it carries out the old cells that have lined the vagina. Vaginal discharge is super important in getting rid of the bad bacteria from your vagina and keeping the pH levels intact. Think of discharge like tears where your eyes produce them to wash out any foreign bodies and keep them moist.

There are few vaginal discharge types and the discharge is noticeably different at different times of the month depending on ovulation, the menstrual flow, sexual activity, or birth control. So, if what you are experiencing is a healthy vaginal discharge, and you are after finding ways to know how to stop the white discharge for an easier life, it is definitely time to rethink.

Any change like an increase in the amount of vaginal discharge, in the color or smell of the discharge, and irritation, itchiness, or burning in or around your vagina, can be a problem, and getting to the bottom of it will give you a way to reduce the discharge. Various problems include:


Now, this one could be your vagina telling you that you have introduced something that doesn’t go well with it. Perhaps a new brand of sanitary pad or a shower gel. Try and stop using anything that you’ve just begun and see if that brings relief; if yes then you are back on track.

Oral contraceptives

If you have started popping a new contraceptive pill, perhaps the change in hormones are causing an increase in discharge, but no worries as this will soon settle once the body adapts.


A sexually transmitted disease could be your culprit for a heavier discharge, combined pelvic pain, odd smells, and discoloration of the discharge.

Dealing with normal vaginal discharge

Dealing with normal vaginal discharge

Despite it being a normal part of every woman’s life, most are still often very conscious of their vaginal discharge. Remember, you should not try and find ways to stop the vaginal discharge but find ways to make yourself more comfortable with it with some healthy vaginal discharge treatments. To keep your mind free of the thoughts like wetness or a bad odour, follow some of the simple tips to reduce the “problem of vaginal discharge”

  • Wear cotton underwear as it allows your genital area to “breathe”, thus keeping it moisture-free. This is one of the easiest home remedies for white discharge
  • Gently cleanse your intimate parts and always remember to pat dry
  • Don’t fall for the feminine hygiene sprays, perfumed powders, or deodorant pads as they may result in allergies and rashes
  • To maintain the pH balance for a healthy vaginal discharge drink lots of water. Coconut water is beneficial as it helps rehydrate the lost fluids
  • Pantyliners are super useful for women who are conscious about their vaginal discharge. These are lifesavers for pre or post menstruation and keep the irritation and consciousness of “wetness” of vaginal discharge from staining the underwear
  • A few other home remedies for white discharge that can be put into practice include avoiding certain food such as onion or garlic and introducing lots of fruits in your diet

Although there are many articles on the use of certain foods and supplements and their benefits for restoring and maintaining the pH balance of the vagina, as well as articles on treating the vaginal discharge, remember that it is healthy and essential for the body. So try not to fuss over it, and work your way around it.