How to Stop Period Leaking at Night?

How to stop period leaking at night

We’ve all gone through it and still do - period leakage at night, and it makes us a bundle of nerves.Stained pyjamas and bed sheet being one of the problems, waking up in the middle of the night to change your clothes and your pad is just another. And we understand how annoying it can be to have a disturbed sleep even with the thought of a period leak at night.With some useful tips, there will be no need to lose your sleep over period staining.

What causes period leaks at night?

By now you know that a heavy bleeding period is common for the first two days. This is one of the reasons for the period leaking at night as you may not wake up in time to change your pad. The other reasons include sleeping in a wrong position, incorrect products used, or your pad is not correctly placed, or that the pad is at its maximum absorption level.

How to stop period leaking at night?

Period staining happens to the best of us and at any age. So, no worries whether you have just made an entry into the game or you’re here for a while now. But there are ways to go about it and avoid period leakage. Being a teenager, period staining can make you super embarrassed and can be a reason you turn down overnight stays with friends.

Choose the right underwear

Choosing A Right Pad

Yes, you must opt for fuller briefs that prevent any leakages while sleeping. Light, cotton panties are super comfortable.You could also try wearing pyjamas that fit you a little snug restricting the movement of your pad.

Overnight pads

Overnight Pads

Overnight pads like the Whisper Bindazz Nights are longer than your normal ones giving adequate coverage at the bottom and on the front to prevent period staining. The wider back helps protect against back leakage.Pads with wings also tend to stay in place better during all your tossing and turning through the night and protect the sides of your underwear.

Change your pad right before going to bed

The more blood your pad or tampon has absorbed, the less it can take during the night, which will lead to period leakage. Hence changing your pad right before you go to bed ensures you get the maximum amount of absorption from your period protection.

Positioning yourself

Once asleep we know there is little control over how we position ourselves. And, so Whisper Bindazz Night pads, being longer provide more coverage, along with a wider back to protect against back leakage throughout the night.With Bindazz Nights, just go ahead & sleep however you want!

Apt night-time products

Choosing the right night time period product is important to prevent a leaking period. From extra-large absorbent pads to menstrual cups, pick the right option to keep you comfortable throughout the night.

A few alterations in your routine is all you need for your clothes and the sheets to remain stain-free. You may also want to keep aside a bunch of underwear that you can use only during your period nights to avoid staining new ones. So, don’t let this hold you back from enjoying night outs and fun time with friends.