How to Ease Period Cramps?

How to Ease Period Cramps

Period cramps are caused by compounds known as prostaglandins.

We are all well versed with the hard-to-get-rid of period cramps. But hope is not lost! Gaining an insight into the various methods for period pain relief will go a long way in ensuring you feel better. Simply put, period cramps are the contractions in your uterus that are triggered by the changes in your hormone levels.

What are period cramps?

What are period cramps

Let’s crack the basic concept of what is it that makes you go through this ordeal. Period cramps are caused by compounds known as prostaglandins. Before your period starts each month, the level of prostaglandins in the lining of the uterus increases and is the highest on the first day. During your period, it is pretty common to feel discomfort around your abdomen, lower back, and thighs, as the muscles of your womb are contracting and relaxing to expel the built-up lining since your egg is not fertilized. The cramps you experience are nothing but your muscles at work!

Ways for period pain relief

Dealing with period cramps every month can be as frustrating and painful as they are. However, with a few easy-to-follow methods, you can alleviate the intensity of the pain.Do remember that these are home remedies for period cramps ranging from mild to moderate pain, but we strongly recommend you consult a doctor in case of severe, unbearable pain, or underlying chronic conditions.

Apply Heat

Ways for period pain relief

Applying heat to your abdomen and lower back is an effective way of relaxing the muscles and offering period cramp relief. Perhaps a warm bath or a heating pad placed on your abdomen, or just curling up under the blanket offers period pain relief to a great extent.

Gentle Exercises

Most of us are conscious about a healthy regime, and there is no need to give up on your workout, at the same time do not overdo it. Exercises are known to release chemicals in your body called endorphins, which act as natural pain relievers. A few light stretches, yoga, or a brisk walk outside will work just fine as a period cramp relief.

Drink fluids

Many girls feel bloated during their period, which causes discomfort and worsens period cramps. Staying hydrated reduces bloating, and thereby offering a simple period cramp remedy.Now that’s easy!

Anti-inflammatory food

Anti-inflammatory food

Ensure a balanced diet or look into foods to eat for a better period where you eat more vegetables and fruits, and reduce the consumption of fatty foods, for an easy period cramp remedy. Try reducing salt in your food, as excess salt intake encourages fluid retention leading to bloating. Herbal tea is warm and soothing, and in some cases may help in offering period pain relief.


Gently massaging your abdomen with essential oils, or even something as simple as coconut oil will offer significant period cramp relief.

Reduce stress and relax

Deep breathing exercises may also help in keeping any stress at bay and relaxing your mind and body, thus giving you the required period pain relief. Calming your body causes your muscles to expand and loosen, rather than them scrunching up and causing cramps.

Step out in the sun

Step out in the sun

With the sun being a great source of vitamin D, the exposure reduces the production of prostaglandins that causes the uterus to contract. A sufficient dose of supplemental vitamin D is sure to substantially ease the intensity of pain, offering an easy period cramp remedy.

Medicine for period cramps

Despite all these period cramp remedies if the pain persists, you may want to take an over-the-counter period pain medicine. Be sure to always seek expert advice before taking any period pain tablets.

Ideally, the best remedy for period pain relief is anything that relaxes your muscles, thus counteracting the contractions that cause cramps. Don’t be afraid to try new period cramp remedies, as every woman’s body works differently. Over time, you are sure to find your very own mix of period cramp relief that works perfectly fine for you. Although period cramps are common, in case of severe pain you may want to see a doctor.