Period Of Pride

Period of Pride Campaign

The topic of menstruation has always been surrounded by taboos and myths. Period, to many, means disgust, shame and a source of embarrassment. Whereas it should actually mean strength, pride and a source of empowerment.

But how is the latter possible without basic knowledge or open discussions on the topic? How is the latter possible in a country where 1 out of 5 girls drop out of school as they have no clue what to do when they get their first period? How the latter possible if basic menstrual hygiene is seen as a waste of money and the last thing to spend on, even after fairness creams and cosmetics?

With Period of Pride, we aim to bring periods and Menstrual Hygiene Management (MHM) to the forefront. The challenge today is intensified due to the lack of knowledge about periods and how to manage them in a hygienic way. This lack of awareness and the lack of acceptance of Periods as a natural biological process, rather than something that is dirty and repulsive, is what we aim to conquer. This is and the singular driving force and purpose behind the collaboration between Whisper and Network 18.

With Period of Pride, we aim to normalize conversations about periods. It is imperative to have an open and free discussion about periods with every girl in our country - to ensure that she doesn’t miss out on her basic right to education and a bright future. It is also critical that we get boys and men into this conversation right from the start, so that we can change the culture of shame and bullying surrounding periods.

A school not only provides knowledge but also shapes the world view of young minds. It is the institute that lays the foundation of society. This foundation can be made much stronger if MHM education is provided at a young age. If schools were to also educate about periods and break the stigma around it, 23 million young girls who drop out of school when they hit puberty will be unstoppable on their journey to achieve their dreams.

Imagine the smallest of schools in India, be it the Central or State boards, including menstrual education for the impressionable children of the 6th, 7th and 8th standard. This will not only create a safe environment for the girls in the school, but will help build a generation that associates Periods with strength rather than shame.

With this objective in mind, we appeal to the country to come together to ensure that more and more young girls and boys in India are educated about menstruation at puberty. We request everyone to join our endeavor and sign the Petition to the HRD Ministry – to include Period Education as a part of the school curriculum.

To sign the petition and know more about the initiative, please click here